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四季のアートワーク(Sighting/reciting 4 seasons 4 seasons artwork)
紙人形に、季節に合わせた服を着せよう(Season paperdoll)
洋服を季節ごとに分類しよう(Season clothes sorting)
季節のイラストゲーム(Seasons picture game)


りんごで足し算(Apple addition)
四季のシンボル(The four seasons symbol)
天気のあそび歌(Weather rhymes)
イラストに合う単語を線で結ぼう(Weather match)


Grades 1-2 Levels

(Sequencing Ideas andDemonstrative Pronouns;This,That,Those and These)


Grades 3-4 Levels

新聞の部位の名称(Parts of a Newspaper)




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